Waitlist and Registration

The Whistler Children’s Centre manages 74 spaces for children ages 3 months to 6 years. All full-time staff are certified Early Childhood Educators and/or Infant Toddler Educators and each of the child care programs are licensed by the provincial government.  Please follow this link for Frequently Asked Questions about the waitlist.

Please complete this Child Care Waitlist form and submit this to the Centre with a copy of your child’s birth certificate. It is extremely important to keep your email address up to date with the WCC so that we can contact you as a space opens.

Can the Children’s Centre let me know how long a wait it will be? Although we empathize with how difficult it is to not have a timeline, due to the high volume of applicants and low turnover of spaces we are unable to predict placement on the list, or respond to questions regarding where your child is on the list. For children under 3 years of age, the waitlist time is approximately 24 – 35 months.

How does the waitlist work? Enrollment is completed on a monthly basis. Spaces are filled approximately one month in advance. All vacancies are filled in accordance with licensing regulations and consideration of your placement on our waitlist. Many variables influence the waiting times, including the time of year, availability of positions, and date of pre-enrollment. The Whistler Children’s Centre has guidelines surrounding the management of the waitlist. It is the goal of the Executive Director is to fill as many spaces as possible by following the guidelines below.
When a space becomes available in a program, the following Admittance, Advancement and Withdrawal Policy is followed:

  1. Licensing regulations regarding allowable age.
  2. The child of a Whistler Children’s Centre staff person.
  3. A child, currently-enrolled in the Whistler Children’s Centre, who is ready to move/advance to the next program.
  4. A child that affects the movement of a graduating child due to licensing age requirements
  5. A child currently enrolled in the same program (i.e a child requesting additional days )
  6. A sibling of a child currently enrolled at the Whistler Children’s Centre.

Please follow this link for the full Admittance, Advancement and Withdrawal Policies

Please follow this link for the Whistler Children’s Centre Family Handbook for all details regarding policies and care of your child.

Here are some resources to help you find alternate care while you wait:
Please check the Provincial Government website that provide a listing of child care in your
area or call Child Care Resource and Referral at 604-815-4144

Whistler Children's Centre